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RPA Group - RPA Group - started its activity only in 2018

However, we are a fast-growing and customer-oriented company that has boldly entered the market with a special focus on the tightening market needs. Having gathered a team of experienced specialists - we strive to meet our and the client's expectations as we improve every day. Our motto is only progress can be made with courage!

RPA Group pagrindinė įmonės specializacija

RPA Group is the main specialization of the company. Purchase, dismantling and utilization of vehicles. We have a pollution permit, a hazardous waste management license that complies with statutory environmental and tax obligations.

RPA Group ideologija

RPA Group ideology. We know that all waste can be collected, sorted and recycled, so we encourage and train our employees and partners to act responsibly, thus protecting our environment.

We are constantly improving our activities and expanding the range of goods and services we offer. By following the market and adapting to customer needs, we are expanding the range of our services. We pay special attention to quality service, our goal is to build a friendly relationship with the customer based on trust.